Sake for your skin!

Hi guise!! ^.^

As always, I hope all of the people that read my blog are doing well and enjoying the weekend. I often fall behind on posting but I do visit my wordpress daily to to see your blog posts and what’s going on with you guise. I’m officially promising today that every Saturday I will have a new blog post! Whether it be a review, a rant of some sort, or an update on what’s going on in my life. Pinky promise! My K-indie Mondays seemed to not be of much interest to you guise so I decided to not do that anymore but from time to time if i’m in my hipster mood I will post about some artists that you might not have heard of lol : P

Alrighty so today I wanted to share with you ladies (and guys) something that I’ve been testing out for at least half a year now for brighter skin and overall good health. Lately I’ve been asked by quite a few friends and acquaintances the following question: “Jagi, what are you doing to your skin? It looks more radiant than usual!”Β 

ImageTo which I respond: “It’s ….”


Sake has been my little secret for the past months. I had learned about sake a few years back when I found myself researching the main ingredient in the famous SK-II line which is Pitera, naturally extracted in sake brewing during the fermentation process of a unique yeast. Supposedly it was discovered by accident when a Japanese scientist noticed that one of the workers’ hands looked so wrinkle-free and youthful while his face was full of wrinkles. So I thought to myself “if sake is found in SK-II, it’s bound to be good on face and I’m saving hundreds of dollars so why not”. I never tried it out in the past although I should have but I guess it’s better late that never and I’m glad I finally did.Β 

You may find yourself asking “so Jagi, how should I use it? I only drink sake when I’m having sushi”. Well I’m here to help! Here’s a few different things you can do with Sake:

Drink it!

If you’re drinking sake, you’re already on the right path. Sake not only is good for skin brightening (it combats the pigments that make freckles and dark spots) but it’s also good for you! It prevents cancer because it has a bunch of amino acids and can also help with bad cholesterol. Treat it like you would with drinking wine; one wine glass a night will do.


Use it as a mask

This is what I’ve been doing more than actually drinking it. Every other day I soak a one of those expanding face masks (or compressed mask) for about 10-15 minutes and put it on my clean face at night. I wear the mask until my face has absorbed the sake and rub my hands and press the remaining sake on my face so it can be better absorbed. After that I apply the rest of my night time skincare. I’ve heard of some people using it as a toner as well but I’m not sure this would work for people that have dry skin as the alcohol might dry your skin out even more. Try this 2x a week and work up from there.

Bath in it

I’ve used sake on my hands and feet before. I’ve soaked them in a cup or 2 with a bit of water and they feel incredibly smooth. I did this a few times during the winter and it really help with my dry hands! I took it up a notch and added 2-4 cups to my warm bath and my skin felt incredible. I have to admit that I have only done this like 3 times but it’s still a nice treat for your whole body. Make sure to moisturize well after you’re done because the warmth of the water and the alcohol can dry your skin as well.

I hope this was helpful for you guise and let me know if you tried it out! I currently still do my sake masks and drink it almost every night. For those of you pretty girls that are underaged, please ask your parents first. I don’t encourage underage drinking ^.^

24 thoughts on “Sake for your skin!

  1. This sounds really good! I love it how you mentioned to drink only one glass a night. I very much agree due to it having a very strong taste and smell, but it’s very sweet and I like it boiled. :) Thak you for this, and please don’t stop you K-indie! I love it! I just never have time to comment >.< Mianhae, Gomenasai, Jagi-ssi/san.

    • Anyeong Panda^^ Thanks so much for you lovely comment! I hope you will try this out some day and let me know if it works for you. Also, I won’t get rid of posting K-Indie altogether so don’t worry! Hope you are well^^

  2. Thanks for this review! I have not actually heard of this product before! It certainly sounds amazing! I am always looking for something to make my skin glow and look healthier. I will have to see if I can find some here in Australia!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours. xx

    • Hello there^^ I hope you can find this in Australia! I’m sure you will since it’s a popular drink. If you go to a Japanese restaurant they always have it there so maybe you can try it out next time you have sushi!

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