Korean Samples Giveaway Winners!

Hello everyone!

Finally the day has come for me to announce the winners to my giveaway. It was difficult picking just 2 winners because if i could, I’d give you all a gift ^^

As you all know, I wasn’t able to get a something like RaffleCopter to pick the winners so I had to do it myself. I love each and everyone of the people that read and follow my blog so please don’t think I’m biased in any way!

Now, the winners:

1. http://myhongkonghusband.com/ ! Check out her blog if you have time. She writes about her life as Polish girl who married a guy from Hong Kong and now living in the US!

2. http://givemedramas.com/redbeanmochi/ ! If you love Taiwanese and K-dramas, check out her blog! Besides, her blog name is awesome! Who doesn’t love mochis?!


Please email me at callmejagi@gmail.com so I can get your info and ship these out to you soon!


Don’t be bummed if you didn’t win this time, I’ll be holding more in the future so there will be more chances! 

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Curious about Korean skincare? Enter my giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hello everyone!

I’m holding my very first giveaway! I reached 900 followers (which I never thought would happen) and I thought I would show my appreciation by holding a little giveaway for two lucky people :)

I started out my blog as a diary posting about Asian skincare, daily life, and quirky interests and never did I imagine people would actually read it. I’m sure people say stuff like this all time and it might sound cliche but it’s really true. I’m super happy to have found a blogging community that is excited and interested in reading what I have to say so this is my way of saying “thank you”!

ImageI made two goody bags (kinda) filled with nothing but Korean skincare and makeup samples. Both have 12~13 samples and a mask from The Face Shop. Brands that are included are: Etude House, Charmzone, TonyMoly, The Face Shop, Mizon, Skin79, and lots more!

ImageAdditionally, I’m including 5 of the cute little compressed masks that you can make your own face mask with at home!

ImageSo there’s one for winner #1!

ImageAaaand winner #2 (finger mustache not included)!

Now, you may be thinking:

Image“What’s the catch, Jagi?”

To which I respond:

ImageThere is none!

I’m just thankful you guise read my blog and wanna give something away. I pretty much only review Asian skincare and makeup so I want somebody who is equally as curious but hasn’t had the chance to try it out!

The only thing you have to do to enter is do one or both of the following:

1. Like this post! Pretty easy, right? Give me a star and tell me you did so ;)

2. Leave me a comment! Tell me about what Asian skincare or makeup products you’re curious to try.

This contest is open to my blog followers only so if you haven’t done so, this would be a good time!

I’ll be picking the winners by my own discretion. I tried using Rafflecopter but it won’t work here :( Contest ends a weeks from today (April 10th) so you have a full week!

Because this is my very first giveaway, it will only be open to the US.  The USA is where almost half of my readers come from, second is my beloved Singapore, and third is a tie between Canada, UK, and Malaysia so please know I have not forgotten about you. So don’t be discouraged if you’re not from the USA, I’ll be having a 1000 follower giveaway that will be open worldwide! Not sure when or if that will happen but I promise it will be bigger and better! :D

If you want, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Callmejagi. Not required, though :)

Good luck!! <3

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PK002 Review!

Hello everyone!

By now, I think people that follow my blog probably know that I’m a little too easily influenced by pretty and cute packaging. Sometimes it work against my favor and other times it works out for me– just how it did for today’s product. I bought Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 on whim while I was browsing Amazon.com for powdered peanut butter (can you believe this stuff exists?!). One has absolutely nothing to do with the other but I ended up in the beauty section like I was do so it was more of an impulse buy. 

This tint is pretty popular and it comes in an additional 3 shades. It’s favorite of many beauty YouTubers like Bubz as well as beauty bloggers so to see what my take was on this cute tint, keep reading!

ImageImageCute, no? I’m a lover of everything pink (mostly) especially makeup and this looked like it’d be perfect since I heard it was a good dupe for Benefit’s Benetint in “Posie”. I really hate the feeling of having anything on my lips so tints are a must for me.

ImageThis is what the actual product looks like. The applicator is a doe foot kind so nothing too special about it. It has a good amount of product so this stuff is gonna last me a while~

ImageI was lucky enough to get samples of the PK001 which is a shade lighter than the PK002 and RD301 which isn’t really a red, more like a dark hot pink if you ask me. Check out the swatches:

ImageSo, being the careless person that I am sometimes I totally didn’t swatch the tints in order lol >.< The swatches on my hand are in the following order: PK002, PK001, and RD301. As you can see, PK002 is more of a bright magenta color and PK001 is actually closer to the Posie Benetint. The picture makes it look a bit more intense than it really is so keep that in mind. The payoff is pretty good and it has somewhat of a glossy finish which is good for us people with perpetual dry lips.

So let’s see what the pros for this lip tint are:

~Great color payoff. You don’t need too much to get the exact color.

~It’s cheap. I believe it was $4, $8 with shipping. Compared to Benetint, that’s $22 dollars less!

~It stays on your lips for a relatively good amount of time. It doesn’t market as a long-wearing product but it does a good job.

~Portable. I take it with me if I go out with friends for a night out or even if it’s out to lunch for a quick touch-up.

Now, the cons:

~Tastes horrible! I know it shouldn’t matter because I’m not supposed to eat it but whenever my tongue happens to touch my lips I get this horrible bitter taste. I really dislike that!

And that’s it! No more cons ^.^

Hope you all found this review helpful. I really recommend this tint as it’s inexpensive and gets the job done. Check out what’s next on my review list:

ImageI’m on an Etude House roll, aren’t I?

Makeup products you probably don’t need

Good evening guise!

So I was cleaning out my makeup collection today and noticed that I had a bunch of makeup products that I hadn’t used in a while. I’m not usually very wasteful but I tend to forget about certain products if they’re either useless or I find something better in my existing collection and I found a few that I wanted to share today. Here are the makeup products that I think you could also do without.

1. Lip Concealer. I had an Etude House lip concealer that wasn’t very expensive but also wasn’t very necessary. I tend to buy on impulse and this was one of them. I found that regular concealer works just as well if not even better. It’s nice to have I guess but not something I think anyone needs to buy.


2. Eyebrow gel. Having bushy eyebrows myself, eyebrow gel can be a lifesaver since they can run wild if I don’t set them in place. I used to buy the E.L.F. clear gel because it was cheap and it worked but it started to produce dry flakes on my eyebrows so I stopped using it. I then turned to my Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel and it was just so much better. For some girls, tinted brow gel is a must so I also found a solution to that: take some of your eyebrow powder and mix it with the gel. That simple. Try it out!


3. Eyebrow pencil. Don’t curse me out just yet. This is completely a personal preference but I think powder looks so much more natural than pencil does! The best part about it is that you probably already have those taupe colors in your makes palettes so there’s no need to buy them. Pencil tends to look thick even when you brush it out and can look obvious while powder tends to look more like a shadow of your own eyebrow hairs. So don’t be too quick to discard those matte taupe colors in your palettes!


4. Blush.  I tend to put on my cheeks whatever I put on my lips whether it’s lipstick or lip tint. I usually never use lip gloss so it doesn’t apply to that because it’s sticky lol. I don’t have many blush products because I honestly think it can be a waste if you can just dab some of the same colored lipstick on your cheeks. This is just what I do!



Hope this was a little useful to you all next time you run out of any of the products you’re all using. It’ll save you some money as well so be sure to try some of these things out if you don’t already do them! 

Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Gommage Review!

Good evening everyone!

Hope everyone had a good day despite it being mid week and all. I’m already waiting for the weekend to roll by and not necessarily because I dislike my job (I actually like it at the moment) but because I just want to be lazy and do a little binge watching on Netflix lol.



Anyway, I’m finally back to writing a review after doing a little testing and it’s for the super kawaii Hello Kitty Apple Gommage face peel. I got this from the oo35mm store in Chinatown NYC and I actually grabbed it on accident. I wanted the collagen wash but grabbed this instead so when I tried it out I was confused as to why it didn’t foam up lol. Fortunately for me it ended up working out really well for me! Let’s see why.

Image I’d shown a picture before on my Chinatown haul post but here’s a closeup of what it looks like. It’s pretty big for the price ($10.99) and really does smell like apple! I’ve got a feeling this one is going to last me for a while…

ImageHere’s the back part but it’s all in Japanese! I wish I could tell you what it says but it’s pretty self explanatory because Hello Kitty is showing you what to do ^^

So what does this stuff look like?

ImageIt’s a clear watery gel that melts on the skin almost as soon as it touches it and feels cool. This little squirt of gel actually fell to the floor after I took this picture haha! I had to put some more on right afterward :P

ImageAccording to Hello Kitty, you have to first wash your face clean and then apply the gel to your face. I worked the gel into my skin in circular motions and I could tell right away that it was working! It sticks to the dead skin and balls up once it has cleared your face of everything.

Take a look at what I mean:

ImageThis my “yucky and surprised” face because I could see all my dead skin. Eww! Haha. It’s pretty cool to see how it works though despite it being a bit icky. It left my skin feeling super soft afterwards!

So what’s the verdict, you ask?

ImageLove it! I’ve got awfully sensitive skin and most peels make my face burn and turn it red so it was nice to find something gentle enough for me. It doesn’t do miracles but helps gently exfoliate my skin as well as brighten it when it looks dull, especially since it’s so cold out. For the price I think it works great and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry as I’ve experienced with other peels so I recommend you try this out if it is available in your town and you’ve got sensitive skin!

Have a good rest of your night, everyone ^^

My Chinatown Beauty Haul!

As promised, I wanted to breakdown the things I bought while I was in NYC last week. I stopped by a few different shops and Asian pharmacies and grabbed whatever caught my attention lol! I almost always stock up on beauty needs whenever I’m in Chinatown because many of the products aren’t sold in my hometown and sometimes are really expensive online. 

So now, let’s see what I got! 

ImageI had Instagramed a picture of The Face Shop’s Jewel Therapy essence not long ago because I really like this product. I’ve been using it since Friday and it makes my hair feel really soft and moisturized. It retails for $14.00 and the hair spray, which I have yet to try, retails for $7.00. It’s big for the price I think!

ImageThe next products are the following: cotton pads (Japanese brand whose name I can’t read!) for $3.99, Hello Kitty glycol acid peel for $10.00, and Nature Republic’s popular Aloe Gel for $5.50. The Hello Kitty I got just because it was cute but wasn’t a necessity since I already have the Skin79 peeling gel. The Nature Republic gel was a staple for the longest time in my beauty routine but when I ran out I kept forgetting to repurchase. Luckily NR was having a sale and I grabbed it as soon as I saw it! I like this aloe gel for removing makeup, as a pack when my face is red, as a face massager, etc.

ImageThis is the Hello Kitty gel. It’s clear and smells just like apples! I really like it although it is on the mild side. There are 3 more versions of Hello Kitty cleanser which are the acne cleanser, the collagen cleanser, and the peach cleanser.

ImageNext I have The Face Shop’s version of the Konjac sponge. I’ve heard good things about it so I was excited to see it there. It cost $6.00 I believe. From TFS I also got a blush in a very pretty, shimmery pink that was $7.00 and some beauty cotton swabs for $2.00. Lastly in this picture, I got 2 heat packs (or kairo). They’re big in Japan are meant to provide heat for those days when you have to be outside for whatever reason. This kept me really warm as it was 29 degrees in the city!

ImageHere’s a swatch of the blush. Really pretty and super shimmery!

ImageThese masks are my favorite from TFS and I swear by them. You have to add water and it makes a thick paste that you put on your face and hardens as it dries. It brightens up your complexion so nicely and leaves it feeling super smooth. Each of these is $3.00 but you get about 2 or 3 uses out of each packet making it really cost effective. The other 2 tan packets are spot patches for those pesky pimples. Each were $2.00 and contain 10 patches each!

ImageThese extras were given to me for my purchase! Except the nail remover but it was only $2.00 so it was still very cheap ^.^

ImageI got these masks from this little store called oo35mm. I’ve been wanting to try the Sexy Look masks for a very long time and was glad to see them here! They were 3 for $5.00 so I decided to get them. Additionally, I got this Innisfree rice mask which is apparently a best seller. 

ImageLastly, I got these foot patches that I’d been looking for in my town and could not find. Although they are not beauty products, they make your internal beauty shine by removing toxins from your body. They are made from bamboo and other ingredients and help with your overall health so I’m excited to try these tonight! They cost  me $10.99 at the Chinese pharmacy and is supposedly a popular product in many Asian countries for its health and beauty benefits.

So these are the products I got and I’m looking forward to reviewing them soon! If there is a product you’d like to see in particular be sure to let me know ^.^ Have a good night~!!

The Face Shop, oo35mm, and NYC Chinatown Haul!

20140208-114214.jpg Happy Saturday lovely people!

I was in NYC for work on Thursday and after I was done I did a little shopping in Chinatown (I also went to a few stores on the upper east side like Zara and Khiels). I bought so many goodies from The Face Shop, Sexy Look, Innisfree, etc. and I wanted to share this picture.

Although I can’t write a post today because I’m going to be in Baltimore with my college friends, I’ll try my best to make a detailed post either tomorrow or Monday.

Have a great weekend ^.~

Introducing…Amarte Skincare!

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!

Today I have an exciting new introduction and review on a skincare line from South Korea that’s making its way over here to the States called Amarte. The site states that: 

“The word amarte precisely translated means ‘to love you’. The Amarte Skin Care icon is two interwoven hearts in harmony expressing Amarte’s motto – ‘Love yourself. Love your skin.’ The Amarte icon also symbolizes Amarte’s unique pedigree… the inter-connection of different cultures.”

It was an Asia exclusive for many years and has been available here in the US on a limited basis since 2007 but has recently gained more attention from magazines like People Style Watch and The Cut. I first learned about it from a video I watched about one of the editor’s for either Shape magazine or OK! magazine online and was intrigued so I looked them up and really liked what I learned from them on their site. They take Korean skincare philosophy and American dermatology and make what seems to be perfect skincare. Needless to say, I was dying to get my hands on them.

I was lucky enough to get some samples from Amarte and was super excited to try them out. Because it’s a higher end brand I wanted to try their products out before taking the plunge and purchasing their products. I’ll be reviewing the following products: the daily wonder cleansing foam, daily exfolipowder, aqua veil hydrator, and the natural finish BB cream in light.



Image The first product that I used was the Exfolipowder. It comes in a powder form, like the name would suggest, and is very gentle for an exfoliator. I have sensitive skin and this did make my skin red at all so I really enjoyed using it. I put a dime size amount on my hand and a few drops of water and applied it to my dampened face. I then massaged it in circular motions for about a minute and when I cleansed with water I noticed my skin looked brighter because it got rid of my dead skin cells. I really liked it and would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin looking for a gentle exfoliator! 


ImageNext is the Aqua Veil Hydrator. This is a lightweight serum-gel that seems to be perfect for every skin type and worked really nicely on my skin. It’s infused with cucumbers and helps retain moisture making your skin look and feel hydrated all day. I enjoyed using this product but think it’s better suited for the summer since it’s light but it can also be used under your current winter moisturizer for extra hydration. 

ImageLastly, I have here the Natural Finish BB cream in Light. This BB has an SPF 36 and doesn’t claim to have any other skincare benefits like anti-againg or whitening effects but it does claim to protect your skin while providing a natural finish. Lets see if these claims are true.

ImageHere’s a swatch of the BB. It’s a light color and looks to have yellow undertones on my Mac camera but it’s actually more on the pink side.

ImageI’ll be using this much (pea size) for my face and hope it cancels my redness and covers my panda eyes! 

ImageTa-da! It really covered my redness and dark circles! I did half of my face so you could how much of difference it made. I was really impressed with this BB because it doesn’t look cakey at all even if you add 2 layers. My skin looks flawless with just one thin layer! <3

ImageHere’s a close-up in the sunlight from my window. My skin looks hydrated and natural. The only down side is that it is a bit too pink for my face and therefore it does not match my neck as you can see in the picture. My neck looks way whiter than my face so if I buy the full size I can fix it with my Skin79 Vital BB cream that is a bit lighter with yellow undertones to match my neck. 

ImageThis is what I look like with my whole face with the BB cream. Love it!

ImageClose up of my face in case you wanted to see if it was cakey or not~

ImageAnd voila! I put some coral blush and lip tint on to look alive! :p It looks very natural and I got compliments on my skin twice while out shopping. WINNING!

All in all, this is a wonderful skincare line that I can’t wait to buy full versions of. It’s natural yet effective and it looks very promising so I encourage you guys to check them out. I’m very honest with product reviews and my usual readers or followers know that if I don’t like something I call it out immediately so I’m really happy this line actually worked for me. 

If you’d like to see more of the products along with the list of prices of the products mentioned, go to the Amarte Skincare website to learn more!


(I’m not affiliated with Amarte Skincare and was sent samples for testing purposes.)


Well, looks like I have “Bob” haircut now…

20140126-232305.jpg … And I really like it! I had been growing out my dyed hair color because I don’t want to dye it anymore but got tired of waiting so I just chopped it off. Glad it’s a trending cut if not I’d be missing my long hair haha ^^

What do you lovely people think? I hope you also like since I can’t grow it out that quick to it’s original length!

Have a good night ^.^